Text 18 May 7 notes When Writing for a Character…

If you think creating an interesting character constitutes filling them with angst, insanity, superpowers, and issues, you should sit ass down and listen to what I have to say.

the majority of the characters I see on the internet— and sometimes even in actual books, are archetypal, bland, and sometimes make no sense. If you’re going to create a character that’s worth a piss and a damn, you have to both be willing to accept that the first draft is probably going just a first draft that should be changed before considering the final character and think of these poor fucks as humans.

"But they’re just characters, for fun!!" Okay, if you’re going to write stories or roleplay with these characters, it’s going to be hell-a boring if you don’t consider their depth as if it were that of an actual humans. Real people are never completely brooding and/or serious, for what I’ve experienced. Instead of just giving these bastards angsty pasts, you can just give them a neutral story that made them a unique person, usually with a dream or goal. THAT makes them interesting. Roleplaying with 2D characters is boring, they’re either tottally predictable or their behavior is so shifty you can’t tell what type of person they are. If you claimed you worked hard on a character but have only made one or two drafts of them and can’t stand the idea of changing anything about them, slap yourself onside the head. Do you seriously think it’s that easy? Get off your lazy ass and actually put some effort forth. It may require research, breaks, or receiving views from other critics. But boy, will it pay off when you realize you’ve pretty much created a unique person.

Remember, just because it’s a character, doesn’t mean it has character.

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